Falciatrici e Falcia-condizionatrici a dischi e tamburi - Testate taglio diretto

Via Valsugana, 11/B

35010 - San Giorgio in Bosco Padova - Italy


Marangon: Mowers since 1956

Founded in 1956, the company Marangon S.R.L specializes in the design and construction of mowers, mower conditioners marketed all over the world. It's the experience of over 60 years to allow us to meet the demands of more and more sophisticated market demands and to be a step forward, focusing on quality Made in Italy. What makes Marangon a serious company is not only the ability to produce quality and innovation, but also knowing how to project in the future by supporting rooted values over time: seriousness, quality, reliability and customer attention. The company has set itself the goal of improving through a targeted dialogue and thanks to a close collaboration with the agricultural world its technology. This closeness ensures that customers' needs are incorporated and integrated into the development process. The result is an effective machine functionality for intelligent agricultural technology that focuses on the quality of feed, a factor that decisively determines the success of an agricultural operator.

The link with the environmental context has always been treasured by Marangon srl, which has adopted CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
MARANGON SRL has renounced relocations and short-term results, to give space instead to the excellence of the Made in Italy. The mission of Marangon srl is to leverage on the ability to manufacture machines for agriculture of high quality and technical value, at prices that can support customer satisfaction even where economic possibilities are restricted.




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