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Direct cut header FOLDBAR 6.16

Direct cut header FOLDBAR 6.16

High performance folding header with standard six-meter cutting width for self-propelled foragers.

Hitch integrated in the header frame.
The innovative direct cut header FOLDBAR 6.16, offers to the user the comfort and the performance of a unique system of its kind.

The innovative cutter bar is made of an advanced wheelbase gears system and allows an indirect transmission to the gears reducing the traction power and assures a minimum wear.
Possibility to mount autofloat sensors, speed sensors if available on your forager.

Cutting width in cm 610
Number of blades 32
Number of discs 16
Power required cv/Kw 150
Weight in Kg 3900
Type of cutterbar ADVANCED WHEELBASE

Quick knives change system for a faster knives change with the appropriate key.

Composed of two anti-wear and hardened scrapers for a constant cleaning of the bottom of the disc

The accessory can also be installed after the purchase of a MARANGON mowing bar as the disk is ready for its after-market installation.

Available for all Marangon disc mowers and mower conditioners