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Light front mower ALPINA

Light front mower ALPINA

Front mower coupled to the tractor through the tractor front linkage.

ALPINA is a front-mounted light weight mower that can be used both on traditional and isodiametric tractors and on special tractors designed for mowing in mountain regions. Front or rear hitch with central pendulum attachment allows the mower to adapt to any working condition. The system is backed by a series of active springs to match up to 35% tilting differences between the tractor and the mower for optimal work on hilly and mountainous terrain.

Transmission takes place through a central oil bath multiplier gear box. Great performance in the toughest terrains.
Measures available in mt: 2.20 and 2.66

Cutting width in cm 220 260
Number of blades 10 12
Number of discs 5 6
PTO rpm 540/1000
Power required 40/30 50/37
Weight 380 440


The cutter bar,has a very compact design and a C-profile reinforcement embedded in the cover which provides total stiffness and perfect penetration in all types of crops.


The the main support consists in a single block secured with six screws and allows a quick, individual and simple examination of the gearbox without opening the cover. The bearings are mounted with great pitch clearance to cancel the transverse forces of the pinion shaft.


The heavy duty cover, with integrated C reinforcement, avoids the bending of the cutting unit in order to avoid the twisting of moving parts. Anti-wear skids at the bottom of the cutter bar are made of a special anti-wearing steel and have a wedge-shaped angular profile for penetration into high-density crops and avoid frontal clogs. The application of additional shoes offer a higher protection of the bottom of the cutter bar when working in particularly abrasive soils.


Marangon’s round cutting disks provide greater safety than the oval disk in case of shock shock, avoiding damage to the vital parts of the mower and repeated cutting of the product as the knife disappears under the disk. Hot forged, tempered, bent and ribbed, allow the acceleration of the flow in way to facilitate the discharge of the product. Knives are made of high quality steel for a long life .

Advantages of the round disc

  • Cleaner cut
  • Less impact surface
  • Higher shock absorption thanks to the round shape of the disc
  • Preserves the mechanic of the whole cutting group.
  • High cutting quality
  • No mulch effect
  • Higher duration of the knives
  • 129 mm knives
  • Less power absorption
  • Possibility to interchange discs once worn


The pendulum center hitch guarantees the mower to adapt to any working condition. The system is backed by a series of active springs to match up to 35% the tilt differences between the tractor and the mower for optimal work in hilly and mountainous terrain

Quick knives change system for a faster knives change with the appropriate key.

Composed of two anti-wear and hardened scrapers for a constant cleaning of the bottom of the disc

The accessory can also be installed after the purchase of a MARANGON mowing bar as the disk is ready for its after-market installation.

Available for all Marangon disc mowers and mower conditioners


The anti-wear kit can be mounted on request directly on the mower or can be installed easily and quickly by the user even after purchasing a MARANGON mower.
Stamped, made of wear-resistant and hardened material, provide additional protection to the cutting unit.

TOPPING SKIDS from 35 to 50 mm
Plate kit to raise the cutting unit from 35 to 50 mm by varying the cutting inclination